Your Sustainability Hub

Our Responsible Journey to Reduce

We know it’s getting warmer out there, so we’re trying to leave one less footprint by balancing or outright reducing our carbon output. We don’t have all the answers, but this is our journey – so come and be a part of it!

What We've Done So Far

Solar Panels are Converting

In the summer of 2022 we made a huge investment to install sizeable solar panels on our roof in Derby – and we’re already seeing considerable energy converted from them!

Electric Vehicles are Here

Over the past few years, we’ve installed electrical vehicle charger points, with all but one of our company vehicles fully electric or hybrid plug-in. 

Paper & Plastic are Down

We’re striving to reduce the amount of paper and plastic we use at our HQ. So, we’ve stopped printing brochures and we’re limiting our single-use plastic where we can.

Commutes are Reduced

Each VA family member hybrid works. So, that cuts down on their commute to the office every week!

Smart Lighting is in

We’ve installed smart internal A++ rated lighting throughout our HQ building that automatically dims to save energy.

Vamoos App is Ready

Our in-tour app Vamoos cuts back on the need for itineraries, documents and any other form of paper whilst on your school trip.

Carbon Output is Balanced

For our unavoidable carbon output, like the use of electrical goods, we’ve balanced our carbon footprint with the help of the global green initiative C-Level.

Carbon Solutions are Offered

You can now see your tour emissions and be given the choice to balance them. So your trip can be as green as you want it to be!

Our Responsible Journey So Far

We’re taking some big steps to make sure our carbon footprint is as low as possible now and in the future. But, what about our past? Well, here’s our responsible journey so far.

What's Coming Next

Let’s Carbon Label our Tours

It’s a huge project to label every tour with its emissions, consumption and carbon usage – but we want to show that on every trip.

Who are C-Level and What Do They Do?

C-Level gives us the chance to be greener as carbon balancing means we can balance our emissions with sponsored green initiatives from around the world.

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Our Sustainable Journey

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