What Do Resort Reps Bring to Your Adventure Trip?

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Looking for a truly unforgettable adventure trip? Look no further than our team of seasoned resort reps! With years of experience and a passion for all things adventure, our crew is the perfect addition. From The Netherlands to Croatia, our team has tested the limits and come back with glowing reviews – and it’s easy to see why!


What do our customers think?

We’ve been creating memorable, life-changing international experiences for uniformed groups for over 50 years. Read our reviews to hear what other groups have said about their experiences with us.

Angela Gumbley
Angela Gumbley
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Our trip to Switzerland was quite simply out of this world - facilitated in resort by the awesome reps, Lydia and Jenny, who were just there to facilitate and ensure we were all safe and well and able to organise our transport.
James Ayling
James Ayling
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A brilliant tour operator helping bring Scout Camps alive. Having used Venture Abroad three times I can honestly say how supportive they are in bringing dreams for children alive. Very much recommend using them 🙂
Harriet Wibberley
Harriet Wibberley
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Super happy with service, support and our trip. The VA team were helpful and responsive and we had a bespoke tour that was just what we hoped for. Thank you Katie and all the team for your care, work and help and we look forward to the next trip.

What is a Resort Rep?

Resort reps are based on site and are there to ensure your group have a fun and safe time as well as make sure you’re prepared for all your activities. Having someone who knows the area assist throughout your trip really takes the weight off your shoulders!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what kind of expertise resort reps can bring to your trip…

Tour reps posing for a photo

A Budding Friendship

One of the biggest perks of using our resort reps is how quickly they become part of the group. With endless support, insider knowledge, and a knack for creating unforgettable memories, they seamlessly integrate into the group dynamic. And as they’re there from beginning to end, communication and trust is a breeze!

Knowledge by the Bucket!

But they’re more than just companions. Our resort reps hold a wealth of knowledge when it comes to adventure activities and destinations. With hidden spots, top tips and hilarious stories at their disposal. And as each trip provides them with learning opportunities, they’re always improving their skills and knowledge.

Venture Abroad rep taking a selfie in Switzerland

Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using our reps is the peace of mind they bring. From dealing with suppliers to sorting out any hiccups that may arise, they make sure everything runs smoothly so you and your group can focus on what’s most important – making incredible memories!

Personal Paparazzi

And speaking of memories, our resort reps can be your very own personal paparazzi. They know all the best spots to capture those Insta-worthy shots, so no one will be left out of the group photo! And if you’re happy for us to, we love sharing group’s experiences on our socials!

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Consider your Itinerary Revised

Finally, they understand your itinerary and can help manage your time so you can make the most of your trip. Consider that typical gathering the troops, head count, 20 different questions, administration kafuffle, not your problem!

All in all…

Our resort reps are the ultimate adventure companions. With their passion, expertise, and easy-going nature, they’ll make your trip one for the books.

Focus on the good stuff – the panoramic views, the adrenaline pumping activities and the unforgettable memories, and leave the rest to us!

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