Let’s Play – Games to Make the Coach Ride a Breeze!

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Do you have a long coach ride with your Scouts to KISC this summer and need a few entertaining past-times? Well, we’ve got you covered with some of our favourite games that will make those long coach hours feel like a walk in the park!

There are your classic favourites (I Spy, and a good quiz are a given), with some curve-ball ideas thrown in for good measure.

Check them out!


Here’s the “something different” game your Scouts will simply love! It was originally designed for groups of 3-8 but you can expand the concept to include your entire coach! If you haven’t played, here are the rules:

  • Players receive cards showing a location (like beach, casino) or one saying “Spy.”
  • Players take turns asking each other questions about their location
  • Non-spies try to figure out who the spy is based on answers
  • The spy tries to guess the location without revealing their identity
  • Players can accuse someone of being the spy at any time
  • If the majority agrees, the accused player reveals their identity
  • If the spy is revealed, non-spies score points; if not, the spy scores
  • The game continues with different spies for each round
  • Player with most points after several rounds wins

Name That Tune

Get that coach singing along and guessing the tune as they go! Play a verse or two and see which team of your Scouts guess correctly. Great for icebreaking and boosting that classic coach ride silence.

Points for the right answer. Even more points for the Scouts who know all the lyrics.

20 Questions (Who Am I?)

Pass pens and paper around and allow groups of two, or bigger, to write a famous person, location, or anything you want really, on their sheet of paper and stick it to the other player’s head.

They then ask yes or no questions to guess the word written on their sheet.

Tell a Story

Start the story with 4 words, such as, ‘I am a Scout…’, and pass the tale to the next person who can be as imaginative or traditional as they like, until the story comes to an end with the final person. The fun’s in the thinking!

Two Truths and a Lie

Get your Scouts to know each other even better or give them the tools to start a budding new friendship with this game.

The premise is simple, they state two true things about themselves and one lie, and it’s up to the other player to guess which is true. The game can can last for as long as you like!

Scavenger Hunt

Time to flex those observational skills and have plenty of fun (times do go faster when caught up in the moment, right?) with the Scavenger Hunt. But you won’t need to get off the bus to explore a new area as this can all be achieved from the comfort of your coach!

Prepare a list of objects or landmarks you’ll pass on your journey and see who can spot them all first. Just bring some pens & paper.


Let’s end our list with a contemporary twist of a classic gaming encounter. If you haven’t played Telestrations before, it’s like a modern-day Pictionary.

Here’s how to play:

  • Each player gets a sketchbook and a word to draw
  • They draw their word secretly
  • Then they pass the sketchbook to the next player for guessing
  • You keep passing the book until all players have drawn and guessed
  • Then all your players share their drawings and guesses, with points for the best ones

Let’s Play. Let’s Adventure!

Time passes faster when you’re having plenty of fun, so we knew a selection of classic and contemporary games would go down well with your Scouting group when on a long coach journey.

If you’re looking for your next adventure, we can tailor-make your experience just as you like it.

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