7 Adrenaline-Pumping Activities at KISC for Your Scouting Group

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We absolutely love tailor-making trips to the home of Scouting as it gives us, but more importantly you, a real sense of achievement and connection with what you value most – being part of Scouting!

But how can we take your KISC adventure up a level? You guessed it – an adventure that includes activities full of thrills and spills and everything in between!

Check them out below!

Quick note: all these KISC activities are led and instructed by experts in that activity, with all necessary safety equipment provided.

Rock Climbing

A classic KISC encounter – rock climbing! Of course, you’ll learn essential skills like knots, ropework, and climbing techniques, but your young members will also be given buckets of opportunity for exploration, personal development, and of course – it’s also LOADS of fun.

Surely the real win is the buzz of cresting a rocky wall when they didn’t think they could and looking back on what they’ve just achieved. BIG win. HUGE memories.

All ability levels are catered for as your group discovers the ins and outs of the wonderful Winteregg terrain. Plus, you’ll even get to experience the Sunnbüel cable car as it transports your group to their destination, providing ample time to absorb the serene Swiss surroundings and landscape from above!

Rock Climbing

River Rafting

Splash big and splash loud with the never dull (or dry) river rafting. See your group embracing their natural surroundings as they carve out memories in the Simme River.

The course offers layers of discovery and difference, with the first section being action-packed, and the second offering a more serene vibe with beautiful backdrops for your Scouts to absorb.

It’s fun-filled, EPIC, and great for teamwork. River rafting brings natural immersion at its finest, an activity that Scouts will be buzzing about for years to come! Get your wetsuit on!

Group of children white water rafting

High Ropes

Give your Scouts a real high with this adrenaline-fuelled activity that is perfect for all ages and abilities.

You’ll travel to the High Ropes Park in Interlaken for a full-on and fun-filled forest escape! Bridges, swings, and zip lines are just a few of the obstacles your young people will discover – giving them plenty of opportunities to amplify their communication, concentration, physical fitness, balance, flexibility, and teamwork – the list is endless!

One of our favourite stories at Venture Abroad is about a Scouting group that had one member who didn’t initially want to venture onto the high ropes course, but after some encouragement the group struggled to get them off! Their confidence and pride in what they had achieved had been elevated!

Mountain Biking

Why not combine exploration and exercise in the captivating Kandersteg valleys?

Say hello to mountain biking – Kandersteg style – where you’ll take a self-guided route through the trails and forests surrounding KISC. You can take the energy levels up or opt for a more peaceful experience with your chosen route. Either way, expect smiles and laughter from your Scouts as they bond with old friends and make new friendships along the way.

Young boys cycling through a muddy puddle in a forest


This is great for getting your Scouts out of their comfort zone and really dialling up their sense of achievement!

In the beginner session, you’ll abseil, slide, and jump down rocks and waterfalls in the aqua-abundant Saxeten Canyon. The ‘Ultimate’ session sees you take on the bigger and more demanding natural obstacles in Chli Schliere, with KISC recommending this for “confident and athletic people who want to be challenged”. But maybe that’s your group?

Your group will get a huge mental lift from what they’ve achieved and will be able to tell stories of the time your Scouting group met a natural challenge head-on!

Summer Tobogganing

This one’s for the thrill-seekers, with memories and full-throttle moments guaranteed! It’s exhilarating and full of joy set against the beautiful backdrop of the stunning Bernese Oberland landscape.

You and your Scouts will descend 750m, weaving through the Swiss countryside, enjoying every second spent on the cylindrical slide.

The real skill for life for your Scouts? The ability to take on something reallllyyy fast!

Winter Activities

Activities at Kandersteg International Scouts Centre come in two ways – summer and winter, and we can organise adventures in both seasons!

But what adrenaline-pumping excursions can we slot into your experience? Take on the rush of sledging, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and more. They feed into so many Scouting values and give you those cherished moments of watching your young members grow and develop.

Young person sledging at Kandersteg in Switzerland

More Adventures with These Activities

All these activities can be explored at KISC, but we have even more destinations and adventurous activities perfect for the fun and personal development of your Scouts. Here are a few…
  • TrollAktiv in Norway, summer & winter – it’s the largest activity centre in Southern Norway!
  • Adelboden – the home of Our Chalet and just a stone’s throw away from Kandersteg
  • The picturesque paradise that is the Azores, where you can cycle around the rims of extinct volcanic craters!
  You can check out our full range of destinations here.

Activities & Adventures Await!

Phew, now we can rest. These are the action-packed activities that are simply perfect for your Scouting group when visiting KISC!

Are you ready to chat Kandersteg? We sure are! Call us today and let’s start talking about your next adrenaline-pumping adventure.

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