5 ‘Super Simple Steps’ to Attach a Scout Badge

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If your child has come home with a Scout badge and you’re looking for the best way to attach it, we’ve got you covered! With our handy video, infographic and transcript, we’ll guide you through the equipment you’ll need, where to put your badge and 5 ‘super simple’ steps to attach it.

Read on.

Equipment for sewing on a Scout or Guide badge

Your Equipment

In addition to your child’s Beaver, Cub or Scout jumper, you’ll need a badge, pin, needle, cotton and scissors.

Also, to make your life even easier you might want a needle threader and thimble.

Where to Put Your Badge?​

Before you start, make sure you know where the badge should be on the uniform as different badge types should be attached to different areas. Click on the diagrams above to zoom in!

Scout badge placement is key, with your infographic below showing where to place your awards.

After, when you know your badge position, it’s time to sew your patch onto your uniform.

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge


Pin Your Badge in Place

Your first step is to pin your badge in place, put your badge where you want it and use two pins, usually top and bottom, to keep it still.

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge


Match Your Thread to the Badge

Let’s find the right thread to use, making sure you match your thread colour to the edge of the badge.

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge


Thread Your Needle and Tie a Knot

Next, you want to tie a knot so your thread sticks in place (here’s where using a needle threader is really handy).

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge


Let’s Sew!

Start by sewing your garment from the inside out (you don’t need to sew into the badge at this stage). Now, insert the needle into the edge of the patch, catching a couple of threads.

Insert the needle into the jumper fabric alongside the edge of the badge and pull the needle back out again.

Repeat this until you’ve sewn around the edge.

Try to keep your stitches apart the same distance to keep them neat. This is called a slip stitch.

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge


Tie a Knot and Cut the Thread

Last up is to tie a knot in your thread that you’ve sewn around the badge.

So, cut the thread right below the needle and knot the two halves together. If you have lots of thread left over, leave two or three inches to make tying the knot easier. Now, tie down to the fabric and cut any excess thread away.

Sewing on a Scout or Guide Badge

Your Scout Badge is Attached!

And there’s 5 ‘super simple’ steps to attach a Scout badge quickly and easily.

Now you should have a correctly positioned, fully hand sewn badge, on your Cubs, Beavers or Scout’s jumper to show off at your next meet.

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