10 Top Tips for an Activity Trip to KISC

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Venture Abroad’s Operation Manager, Colette, has helped groups create perfect KISC adventures for almost 16 years. And here she shares 10 top tips for an activity trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

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Especially if you’re planning to sleep! How about taking your camp blanket or a travel pillow? With 24-hours on a coach or a long-haul plane journey to get you to Switzerland, keeping warm and comfy is a real win.

Also, your journey is the perfect time to sew on all those badges you’ve saved up over the years!

Loads of people will know about the UK in general, but what about your area? Have you got a special food? Is there a famous singer or actor from your home-town?

If so, fun facts about your home place can be a great conversation starter with international Scout groups when under the Swiss Alps. Plus, take some local badges or swaps if you can, with some of my favourites from my scouting friends in the USA.

Wearing your scout neckerchief gets you free travel on the local bus from Kandersteg Scout Centre! So, don’t leave your room without it.

Everyone at KISC speaks English but when you head into Kandersteg, they’ll appreciate it.

Some of your handy staples, such as raffles, bake sales and community events are just a few ways to raise funds. For more, click here.

With so many activities and excursions on offer, it’s tempting to jam-pack your itinerary. But, a day relaxing at the local swimming pool or trying to achieve a KISC badge is definitely worth considering.

Another real highlight of your stay is the International Campfire. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to take part with your own skit or song.

A great day out with several types of travel, such as a cable car, hiking, and blue water paddle boating, with a toboggan run rounding it all off before you head back to KISC.

And all this is within walking distance of the World Scout Centre, so you won’t need to venture far!

What’s more exciting than earning a special scout patch?

As all guests are encouraged to get involved with recycling, the KISC Eco Award badge is the perfect reminder of your green activity whilst at Kandersteg.

Details of KISC activities which you can book are usually available around the start of the year. So, try to plan early (with the young member’s input, of course) and you can set up your preferred options before the activity bookings open.

Then on the day bookings open, you just need to press send on the email. However, don’t try to send them too early as you’ll risk being put to the bottom of the pile!

Let’s Create Your KISC Adventure

There you go!

So, when you’re next south of Bern to visit Kandersteg, or starting to plan your trip with your young people, think about your 10 top tips for an activity trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) as a handy tool.

And if you want a specialist team to help tailor-make your trip to Kandersteg, call us today or get in touch via the button below.

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