10 Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Scout or Guide Trip

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We know you want to offer exciting activities and adventures to your Scouts or Girl Guides, but sometimes your young people won’t have access to the necessary funds. Therefore, here are your 10 fundraising ideas for your next Scout or Guide trip.

Read on.


Bring & Buy Sales

Seen something in the shop you just had to buy but is now in your wardrobe unworn? Maybe it’s an untouched book covered in dust? Or maybe you’ve just fallen out of love with those jeans and want to clear some space in your drawers?

Either way, bring and buy sales are a great opportunity to find a new home for unwanted items and generate some cash along the way. Plus, they mean you can recycle your unworn ware by selling it to another person, thus helping the planet stay a little greener.

Not only do you raise funds, but you give back to the planet as well.

Book stall at a car boot sale


eBay Listings

Or, for a more home fundraising theme, you could list all your sale items on eBay. All you need is an account, a little time, good quality pictures and some packaging material to pop it in the post!

Person putting shoes into a box


Bake Sales

Bake sales often come up when we chat with your Scout and Guide groups about their fundraising efforts.
And we reckon you might like a sweet treat too! But if not, there’s a strong chance your family and friends will want to give a small donation for a tasty homemade baked good.

Plus, you could boost your confectionary fundraising with afternoon tea, mad hatters tea party or you could explore culinary delights from around the world. Just a few you could try are:

  • Madeleines
  • Macarons
  • Churros con Chocolate
  • Black Forest Gateau
Baker sale visual



Next, crowdfunding or corporate sponsorships can be a great way to help boost your fundraising. So, you can set up a JustGiving page for your local community to donate time, products or money.

Also, sponsorships from local businesses can be a real jumpstart to their brand awareness as well as your financial goals.

Young adults brainstorming for charity


Bucket Collections & Bag Packing

Bucket collections and bag packing in supermarkets are two reliable and easy options to get you started. Plus, you can do these activities on an ongoing basis and bolster your fundraising efforts with exciting one-off events in between!

After all, slow and steady wins the race!

saving money


Car Washing, Dog Walking & Other ‘Bob-a-Job’ Ideas

Next, even more solid fundraising options such as washing cars and other ‘bob-a-job’ tasks can form part of your ongoing efforts.

Plus, lawn-mowing, dog walking and doing the laundry will get your Scouts and Guides used to household chores – which I’m sure their parents will thank you for!

Young lady walking a dog


Hook-a-Duck & Raffles

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but a small budget can go a long way!

And your raffle items can be from your Scouts or Guides too.

Perhaps young people can simply donate unwanted Christmas gifts? Or maybe everyone can contribute one item so you have a range of prizes to give away.

Either way, Hook-a-Duck and a good old raffle add a little excitement and provide a great way to raise some money.

Hook a duck at a fairground


Discos or Movie Nights

Scout huts, church halls and community venues can be perfect for a disco. Or you might be able to ask a local pub for free use of their function room as part of your fundraising? Then, you create your playlists, dim the lights and get the party started!

On the other hand, if you’re after a quieter evening, you could always put on a movie night. Just choose your favourite film, pick up the popcorn and press play.

Close up of popcorn


Quiz & Game Nights

Or maybe you’re more of a competitive bunch? Then, you could always host a quiz or games night. If you’ve already booked a tour with us, you should have received a ‘Fun File’ book which has a variety of quizzes to keep your group entertained.

However, if you’re yet to book a trip with us, there are hundreds of ready-made quizzes online. Or if you have a little more time you could always create one and tailor it to your group!

Various game counters and scrabble tiles


Events for Parents & Your Wider Community

It’s not just the kids that get to have fun! Why not get the parents, families and wider community involved to help hit your fundraising targets?

They could take on their own challenges or you could host an evening of entertainment just for them!

paper chain of people

And... 4 More Great Ways to Raise!

And we’ve added four more ways to step up your fundraising activities. They are:


Paint Jam

If you have a local spot or art scene, you can ask professional or budding artists to take part in a ‘paint jam’ where anything artistic goes!

You’ll invite the local community to get involved, watch, then bid on the art pieces at the end with a mini-auction. And to boost the day further, give the event a festival feel by inviting local bands, food stalls and local artisans to sell their wares.

Paint brushes and palette with paint


Guess the Baby Photo

Second, if you can get enough parents, group leaders or kids willing to share their baby photos you’ll add a hilarious side to your fundraising efforts.

Then, encourage everyone to contribute and guess the baby photos with the person with the most guesses the winner!

Who? written on a blackboard


Reverse Raffle

And to flip the favourite raffle game on its head – you could include a reverse raffle. To start, all losing tickets are drawn first, and by a process of elimination, the winner’s ticket will be revealed.

This is an exciting take on the classic game and a great plus for your fundraising toolkit. Also, dependant on the number of players, the raffle could be longer than usual.

So, consider doing the reverse raffle as part of a bigger event or put a break in the middle with other games.

Ariel view of a bunch of raffle tickets


Virtual Treasure Hunt

Last, your virtual treasure hunt allows home fundraising with friends and family. Plus, because you and your participants are in the comfort of your home, it might encourage more people to attend.

So, players pay an entry fee and must find obscure objects from around their homes. Each round ends with a ‘show and tell’ where everyone can share a fun fact or anecdote about their object, with each successful find a point on the scoreboard.

Ariel view of a bunch of raffle tickets

Now to Fundraise!

There you go – 10 fundraising ideas for your next scout or guide trip, with 4 more great ways to boost your funds included as well.

And if you’re on the road to full fundraising victory, find your perfect Scout or Guide Trip by clicking the button below.

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