The Skills for Life Our Adventures Bolster

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We pack your adventures to the brim with opportunities for your Scouting group to explore new skills and build on existing ones, providing them with the perfect setting to learn by doing. Of course, all our activities give practical skills in those excursions, like basic climbing techniques when rock climbing, for example.

But these are the skills that go a level deeper into your member’s personal development, giving them the tools to tackle whatever life throws their way and making them better prepared as an individual for the years ahead.

Check them out!

Confidence & Independence

Let’s ignore those butterflies, shall we? How about individually facing that challenge head-on?

Adventures are usually the first time your young members are away from their usual safety net of mum, dad, or guardian, and can really discover their own resilience and bravery. Being in a supportive network of Scouts, they’ll be encouraged every step of the way by friends and members, with our adventures creating that perfect setting for special opportunities, experiences, and challenges.

It’s a big step and a real chance to break out and explore new areas of their emerging identity – a moment where they can show the world, and the people back home, “I’ve got this!”.

Young members pose on a Switzerland Scouting adventure whilst on a boat.

Travel Readiness

This may be the first time your young members are travelling, and the best part is they get to do it in a super safe setting supported by leaders and friends.

They’ll see new places, craft new friendships, and create new memories in our adventures perfectly designed for all types of travel, to all types of destinations. They’ll give your young members the courage to take on any adventure and provide that experience of facing a new space head-on.

To make it even smoother and easier for your group, we take care of every last detail in your transportation, accommodation, activity planning, and the overall organisation of your adventure, meaning you and your group can focus on all the good stuff.

Overcoming Challenges

We know a Scouting aim is to bring your young members out of their comfort zone so that after they’ve completed their task, they can feel a real sense of achievement – and our activities and adventures do just that!

Our activity holidays often include young members with signs of hesitancy to try something new, but those first fears are quickly overcome with the support and camaraderie of their Scouting friends.

Absolute magic because I really think the trip’s achieved something – there are stories of progress and personal development across the board!

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

Scouts perform a skit at the KISC campfire.

New Friendships

Our activities and adventures are crafted to create moments where new friendships blossom.

Whether that’s around a KISC campfire, in a big city taking in the sights, or just as the lights go down and they compare notes about their day, new friendships are given the perfect ground to thrive.

Don’t be surprised to see the beginning of long-lasting and fruitful relationships starting on a VA adventure.

Experiencing New Cultures

Watch your young members explore new and diverse worlds, really giving them an insight into another place, time, and way of life. One of our favourites is India, where your young members will taste new foods, see new colours, learn new ways of doing things, and meet new people – basically, they get caught up completely in the culture of the destination they’re visiting.

It’s exciting, it broadens their horizons, and it opens their minds to other ways of living – shaping them into a more well-rounded and worldly Scouting member.

Skilful Adventures

Our activities and adventures feed into that classic Scouting vibe, supplying the perfect setting and experience to build your young members’ skills for life.

So, if you’re ready to explore tailor-made adventures prime for your Scout’s personal development, let’s chat!

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