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Our adventures and their activities take natural immersion up a level! They’re iconic, they’re lush, they’re jam-packed, and in a nutshell – they are exceptional examples of where you and your Scouting group can get out in the world!

As we specialise in crafting outstanding adventures to environments around the world where we organise every last detail, we’ve got a unique insight into the surroundings that encapsulate natural immersion at its finest.

Take a look at these!

Guiding group posing for photo in Iceland

Incredible Iceland

Iceland brings natural awe and wonder to an adventure like nowhere else, and it’s easy to see why Scouting groups keep coming back for more!

Your members can hike glaciers, venture over volcanoes, and snorkel between the very land itself! But that doesn’t come close to the complete picture of how an adventure looks in the Land of Fire and Ice.

Expect days full of experiences and challenges for your Scouts to face head-on, like learning to ride horses whilst exploring the unique Icelandic terrain, or working together to navigate white water rapids, there’s a sense of discovery and achievement everywhere you go.

There’s a variety of accommodation and catering options but our favourite is the extensive Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre, which offers your young members a true taste of rural Iceland with buckets of activities. You’ll also be supplied with the equipment to build your own tents and base.

Iceland taps into the true sense of a Scouting adventure with activities galore and total immersion in the natural environment, making it a sublime setting for your scout’s personal development.

Young members abseil a natural rocky wall in the Azores

The Amazing Azores

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese islands offer lush landscapes and extinct volcanic craters – the perfect backdrop to a VA adventure!

Kayak in the middle of craters or mountain bike immersive trails, go canyoning down waterfalls or discover underground lava caves, eat ground cooked food or take a dip in warm natural waters in the middle of a jungle – the choice is rich and varied for all our groups!

Probably the BEST moment is the chance for your Scouts to soak in the Azores resident population of whales and dolphins. Truly a pinch-yourself moment!

You’ll stay in Ponta Delgada where your young members can really embrace Azorean living with a guided tour. The capital gives that familiarity and comfort a city brings and is a great base for your Scouting group to venture out from each morning.

Journey to the Atlantic State and experience something special for your Scouting group. It’s a real sense of achievement when you’ve visited the Azores, and we wouldn’t have our adventures any other way.

A young member kayaks in Norway

Norway – in Summer Days!

Spice up the Scouting memory bank in TrollAktiv, which is the largest activity centre in Southern Norway! All activities are completely immersed in full forests and vibrant wraparound views.

There’s white water rafting, a guided trek, canoeing, archery, mountain biking, and a whole host of activities feeding into the Scouting spirit! Every step of the way in Norway provides opportunities and experiences aplenty to embrace natural surroundings whilst building friendships and working together as a team.

Whether you choose traditional teepee tents or indoor cabins, you’re tucked into the heart of the countryside, meaning your Scouts get a real taste of rustic Norwegian living. The site gives options for any type of catering option too! This means your young members can prepare a meal themselves or your meals can be provided – whichever suits your group.

Apart from the memories and a whole Norwegian narrative, your Scouting group will have the perfect arena to boost confidence levels and take on new things, really taking your members out of their comfort zones!

Swiss national day celebrations at KISC

KISC – the Home of Scouting

What can we say that hasn’t already been said about the home of Scouting?

Our adventures give you the chance to visit your home away from home that’s stuffed with activities partnering beautifully with their natural surroundings.

Hike Alpine trails in the morning, walk behind waterfalls in the afternoon, then watch as your group’s own personality comes to the fore in the evening with songs and skits in a space jam-packed with Scouts from all over the world – the KISC campfire!

Our adventures include indoor or outdoor accommodation, with our dedicated camping area all ready and raring to go, meaning you can dive straight into your adventure!

Your Scouting group will grow and develop every second of every day exploring the history of Scouting, being active, challenging themselves, and making new friends from all over the world!

Simply put, KISC is the adventure to end all adventures.

Naturally Immersed Adventures

Our activities and adventures are all about the experience for your Scouts, but we know being out in the world only adds to your young member’s adventure.

There are LOADS of adventures with a focus on nature where we can tailor-make your Scouting activity holiday, so let’s start planning!

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