Get the City Experience with These Scouting Activity Holidays

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Just like you, we know activities and the great outdoors are at the heart of Scouting, which is why our EPIC adventures are built around those two core values.

But we also know just the secret to taking your and your young members’ experience up a level, and that’s slotting in one of the best city experiences your members are ever likely to discover!

Check them out.

Croatia & Venice

Say hello to Croatia, where the only thing more captivating than its coastline is its sense of adventure! Snorkel with sea life, get up in the trees at the high ropes adventure, go abseiling, go rock climbing, and even strike out with an adventure boat trip on the Adriatic Sea.

You’ll stay in historic Pula, where both our hostels are conveniently located with a variety of catering options in dorm-style rooms ideal for your young members to get to know one another.

Guided tours of Pula and the ancient amphitheatre can be included, but the star add-on is the chance to visit Venice!

Explore the sounds and smells of a city literally floating on water! See Renaissance architecture, absorb Italian living, soak in history, and journey over the renowned Rialto Bridge as crystal waters flow beneath your feet – the list is endless!

This is a unique experience for your young members and one where they’ll see new things – all the while embracing the extraordinary culture of somewhere truly special!

Spain & Barcelona

Sunny Spain delivers plenty of Scouting activities ideal for your young members! Expect them to learn skills for life as they sail and windsurf on the Mediterranean or take part in archery, orienteering, or tree-top adventure, all with the chance to relax on the beaches of Barcelona whilst having LOADS of fun!

When adventuring with us, we know a safe and cosy space for the night is key, really giving the chance to strike out fresh the next morning. So, staying in the hostel Pere Tarres, with its perfect blend of privacy and community, will suit your young members perfectly.

From Pere Tarres, your members can break open the wonders of Barcelona! Bustling, trendy, sun-kissed, a cultural hotpot – the Catalonian city has everything you want and more.

Sure, you can see famous spaces like La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas, but you can equally just shop souvenirs, taste tapas, or navigate every street of the mazy Gothic Quarter – the choice is yours and your members!

Greece & Athens

Greece is a land of gods and great open spaces! Dive into a day full of water sport fun, hike mountains, embrace Greek traditional dancing, or simply craft new friends with a BBQ beach day – there’s buckets of chances to embrace the natural and cultural surroundings.

Accommodation options are SportCamp – a dormitory-style place with plenty of sports activities – or Loutraki’s Grand Olympic, whose hotel offers a little bit of luxury.

After all that, discover Athens, where mythical meets modern and age-old ruins are still standing, like the Parthenon and Acropolis.

Watch your Scouts bubble with confidence as they explore and step through history. Picture this, one moment they’re retreading the same footsteps of ancient Greeks and the next they’re taking a step back with classic Scouting activities and creating their own slice of history.

Canada & Toronto…& New York!

Take your Scouting group’s adventure up a whole other level on the other side of the world!

Canoe serene waters, watch baseball, step back in Canada’s history, or go full-throttle by visiting the unique Niagara Falls – the choice is yours and your young members!

Time for Toronto, where your taste of a big city is totally reimagined! Drink in the melting pot of culture and diversity, where trends and tastes and landmarks are around every corner. Plus, to get your young members into the vibes of city living, you’ll stay at Toronto Metropolitan University, which is located just a stone’s throw from everything the city has to offer.

There’s the chance to add even more, with 2 cities in 1 trip if you choose New York on your way back!

Bite into the BIG Apple and watch your members take their experience up a level! They’ll be building that sense of independence and community whilst creating their own story in the setting of so many Hollywood tales.

Take them out of their comfort zone and dial up the sense of achievement only an adventure on the other side of the world can bring.

Your Adventure Awaits!

All our adventures include everything your Scouting groups want and more, but you can really elevate everyone’s experience by adding a city trip to your tour.

The best part? We can tailor-make your group’s activity holiday to loads of destinations where a city can be seamlessly added to your itinerary.

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