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Cheesey Day

Cheese maturing in the cheese factory on a cheese farm
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Today has been a cheesy day with guides so let’s start with a cheesy joke.

How do you make a Swissroll?

Push him down a hill!

Moving on…

Today the Horsworth guides headed for the first cable car of the day up at 8.15am we then split into two groups and headed to two of the 5 cheese makers at the top.

We learned all about life on the farm and the different stages for making the cheese.

Step 1 – 5am wake up!

Step 2 – head to the cows sleep under the house (also helping to heat the house!)

Step 3 – milk the cows

Step 4 – head to the kitchen where the milk is heated.

Step 5 – lactic acid is added to the milk. Each cheese maker uses a different amount of milk…. The secret to their cheese this one used 80litres of milk which will make a 7-9kg cheese

Step 6 – once the cheese has been heated for long enough you can see the cheese base starting to form.

Step 7 – it’s now time to remove the cheese milk (the bulls will drink this!) and you are then left with the cheese base – looks a lot like cottage cheese.

Step 8 – finally add the cheese to the moulds.

Step 9 – it then needs to be turned every hour for 24 hours (yes through the night!!!)

Step 10 – enjoy the cheese! The goats cheese is ready to eat the next day where as the alpine cheese sits in the cheese cave for up-to 3 years!!!!!

It was then time to head down the cable car and enjoy the gentle walk to the waterfall for a lunch with a view!

On our trip we tried goats cheese, goats cheese with herbs, alp cheese and peppered alp cheese we also sampled a bit of the racklette cheese before it took its form. Wide census was the herbed goats cheese was the best…. but what is a pirates favourite cheese?

Ched – arrrr

And on that note ……

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