‘Absolute magic’ Easingwold District Scouts Stunning International Adventure!

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When it comes to your adventure, we’re in absolute positive bits when a leader wants to chat to us about their incredible trip. With a recent international experience still fresh, Kevin Wilson, the Deputy District Commissioner for Easingwold District Scouts, took time from his busy day to chat all things adventure.

Poignant moments, adrenaline fuelled experiences, confidence journeys, ‘progress across the board’ and memories by the truckload shone through in a good old chinwag that made everyone feel all warm inside.

An absolute cracking tour, take a look…

"There’s a lot of value. And it really comes to the fore on these trips."

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

But first, who are Easingwold District Scouts?

The district has been around for a staggering 110 years, with Kevin heading Easingwold and 2 other districts for the past 12 years.

A fairly small district, the trips Kevin organise are a uniquely valuable chance to bring together the 3 districts that comprise young people from the age of 6 right through to 18 years old.

And Easingwold feed into the spirit of Scouting with a safe space to upgrade skills, boost confidence and forge new friendships whilst bolstering old relationships too!

Easingwold’s incredible bi-annual adventure (loads of time for members to get ready!)

After visiting Kandersteg on their last trip (which is potentially their next trip as well), Kevin and Easingwold were looking for somewhere closer to home that offered the same great experience but with an added difference.

Step forward Belgium. A great place to bring culture and history and activity together in one cohesive adventure. But it doesn’t stand alone in that regard as all the experiences in the Venture Abroad catalogue bring that in buckets!

"Absolute magic because I really think the trip’s achieved something. You can see that in the videos, the images – it’s the qualities that it’s bringing."

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

To get all young members ready for international travel away from the comfort and familiarity of their parents, the District’s regular meets give a strong focus to the trip ahead.

There’s also time to fundraise, with seasonal activities like collecting Christmas trees on the 12th day of X-mas a big part of their calendar.

“I’ll talk to them before we go. We’ll have lots of pre-trip meetings.” 

‘It’s about building their resilience and self-confidence’ – an adventure for the scrapbook!

The confidence journeys that many members experienced on Easingwold’s incredible adventure truly encapsulate what being on a Scouting trip is all about!

Some of the standouts included members who found it a challenge to be away from their parents overnight, but when away this time, went confidently from strength to strength.

The parents of that young member came along on their separate holiday and when they met with their child discovered how much their confidence had skyrocketed!

In the past the same young member found it a challenge to stay away from home but when seeing their parents on tour, were completely nonplussed about them being them. They just wanted to get back to their adventure!

"It’s the sort of confidence booster you want from these trips!"

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

Another saw members from the District not wanting to get in the trees at a high ropes park. But when it came time to leave, Kevin couldn’t get them off!

Self-assured young members bursting from the ranks of Easingwold! And thatwas just one part of this excellent adventure.

‘She had a bit of epiphany.’ – Discovering their next Scouting step!

International trips are an absolute boost for young members confidence, especially if they were finding that part of their development a challenge. That’s not to say that there aren’t confident Scouts already though! And Kevin knows all too well about that too! 

A standout was chatting with an older Scout who was thinking about quitting the District – and Kevin, despite his best efforts, couldn’t find the right message to persuade the merits of continuing. Then Easingwold’s transformative adventure happened! 

"This was her last trip and she’d said she was leaving after. But on tour she had a bit of an epiphany where she was in a tent with younger girls and was mothering them – which is what she enjoys doing. And now she’s going on to Explorers!"

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

Easingwold District Scouts span a few Scouting sections and ages, which meant it required a poised and experienced touch from our team at Venture Abroad! 

They know the importance of including activities and excursions that run the whole age spectrum of your Scouting or Guiding group – and are ready to precisely slot in the ones that fit with your group (all with a big dollop of fun and style and friendliness!) 

Some are even Scouts and Guides themselves. So they really can get to the spirit of what it means to be part of your incredible organisation and what an adventure should include! 

An Incredible rep & tons of young people ‘standing taller’

One of Kevin’s shining moments was having the VA resort rep Thomas with them. And Easingwold District Scouts hit it off tremendously with him.  It created a safe space for young members to listen to advice, where they may not from older members.  And the safe space really and truly resonates when Kevin heard consistent messages of younger members ‘standing taller’ from their parents. 

"There are stories of progress across the board."

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

This and so many more tales abound of all the members taking something magical and utterly invaluable away from their international trip. 

Unforgettable moments in an outstanding international trip

Wow, what a cracking adventure. The word unforgettable doesn’t seem to do it justice. 

Easingwold District Scouts were looking for something different from Kandersteg but that still offered that same great Scouting experience and feel.  

And their recent trip certainly delivered. 

"I wouldn’t attempt it without Venture Abroad. It’s superbly organised and I’ve got nothing else to worry about. Your side is faultless."

Kevin Wilson, Dep. Dis. Commissioner Easingwold District Scouts

Ready for your next Scouting or Guiding adventure?

Looking for your next unforgettable Scouting or Guiding experience that feeds in on the feels of a trip like Easingwold’s? 

Our super passionate and friendly team love to speak all things adventure and we especially enjoy tailor-making your adventure to create unforgettable, lifetime moments. Let’s chat! 

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